For the past fifteen years, Andrew has been exploring visual storytelling as a cinematographer, artist, educator and more recently, as an interactive designer. He’s fascinated by the power of images, loves experimenting with their possibilities and considers it both a privilege and a responsibility to develop distinctive interpretations of a story. He holds and MFA in Digital Futures from OCAD University and is an Associate Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers.

Andrew’s production experiences have taken him across Canada and around the world, with subjects as diverse as death-defying escapes in faraway countries, the complicated political world of Turkish harems, (potentially) lycanthropic teenagers and fantastical stop-motion adventures in northern Saskatchewan. His MFA thesis, which investigated the potency of unleashing interactive storytelling platforms, resulted in an interactive movie specifically designed for iPad presentation.

When not in production, Andrew’s other passion is exploring technology and story with students of all ages.