Creative Development Executive

Super Channel

Maureen Levitt joined Super Channel, Canada’s only national English Pay TV service, at its inception in 2007.  As Creative Development Executive for Western Canada and the Territories she works with the independent production community in the development and production of their feature length films  and documentaries intended for theatrical release (EadweardTwo for One, Lawrence & Holloman, The Amina Profile,  SOL, Occupy Love).   Maureen is a cofounder of Vision TV.  Between 1994 and 2005 she was Manager and Commissioning Editor of its Western Region office focusing on documentaries (The Corporation, Sacred Sacred) and Executive Producer of various in-house series.  Previous to that she was First Assistant Editor on the Canadian film classic, The Grey Fox, and on the quintessential Canadian series The Beachcombers and The Canadian Establishment.  Maureen has a Masters in Communications from Simon Fraser University.