Build Films

I'm a numbers guy.
My father was a numbers guy. And his father was a math teacher.
I run on logic, using matrices as my base layer of thought, except when I’m on my motorcycle (fun fact: I've been in 2 accidents).
This way of thought lead me to a career as an accountant, working in an audit department, where I was taught to drill into answers and find questions. The job was extremely challenging with many rewards, but after a year-and-a-half, I wanted to start a creative venture.
That’s when I co-founded BUILD FILMS. I took my expert level of detail and applied it to the production of videos. Over the last 3 years, I’ve produced over 50 web-commercials, 1 music video, and 1 documentary for Build Films. We've had films premiere at festivals like Banff Mountain Film Festival and NSI Online Short Film Festival.
I've studied with NSI through their Business For Producers course, with Annelise Larsons during her Storypreneur course, and I was accepted into RIDM's Talent Lab this past November.
I'm currently producing my first feature length documentary, and VR experience - Breaking Ice: The Arctic Uncovered.