Creative Director

Shaylyn has been in the entertainment industry for over 9 years. Starting out acting, he found himself longing for a more permanent spot in the business. In 2014 he found Twitch and was instantly immersed in the online broadcasting world. His high energy, physical comedy and musical improv skills are a rare occurrence in the Twitch space which has set him apart from the crowd. In 2015 Shaylyn was able to quit his job in finance and transition to Twitch full-time and has been working non-stop since. On top of broadcasting he also runs Twitch Winnipeg, a community meet up group that is attended by hundreds of Manitobans and is sponsored by companies such as Twitch, Logitech, Intel and more. Outside of Winnipeg his work has taken him from coast to coast internationally. Shaylyn has found success in an increasingly over-saturated market and has worked his way up to being an established broadcaster in North America.